On 12.7.2021


🍴 Heywood Tea

📍 Physical Store: Hong Kong Causeway Bay Hennessy Road 500 Hysan Place  Eslite Store 10/F

I like floral tea. Heywood Tea is a local healthy tea brand. Its floral tea looks natural and healthy, so I pick two to try. 


Rosella & Red Date Tea $ 98 🌺

Roselle is a bit sour, matching well with the fruity sweetness of red date. I love the sweet & sour combination and the balance of flavour. 

Roselle can remove excess water from body and help slimming. Red Date can improve blood circulation and moisturise skin. They just fit my need. 


Rose Wolfberry Rose Wolfberry Tea $ 98 🌹

I can smell the fragrance of rose and can taste the sweetness of wolfberry, a very natural flavour. 

Effectiveness of this tea includes whitening, relaxing and improving sleep quality. Wolfberry can improve eyesight, improve immunity and is Anti-aging. ..

Summary: No sugar added in these two tea and I like the natural flavour. They use organic ingredients and makes me feel good. Well, I spend HK$30-40 for a cup of floral tea in cafe. By brewing my own tea with Heywood Tea, the cost is much cheaper and I can choose the tea that fit my need.  




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Photo credit: Instagram of moonba.diary 


🍴Heywood Tea 曦活茶

平時都幾鍾意飲花茶ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ見到 @heywoodtea 係一個本地嘅養生茶品牌,佢哋嘅花茶感覺幾天然健康,所以揀咗其中2款試吓!
Rosella Red Date 洛神花紅棗茶 $98 🌺
Rose Wolfberry 玫瑰杞子茶 $98 🌹




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