Life expectancy of Hong Kong people has already surpassed that of Japan and become the highest in Asia. With longer life expectancy, living a healthy life is now a hot topic for every one. In view of this trend and the modernization of Chinese medicine, there are more and more health products with the Chinese herbal ingredients coming to the market. 

One prominent problem with some herbal-based health products is pollution and overdose of pesticides. Hey Tea is fully aware of this problem and hence we spent huge amount of time and effort in search of organic / eco-friendly ingredients that are free from pollution and residual pesticides.

All our ingredients now come directly from the farms in Bulgaria, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. With traceable sources, certifications and lab tests, our customers can consume our products with trust.  



明報今日 (2017年5月18日) 的知識寶庫之健康生活篇,提及我們HEY TEA 的有機養生茶包!


HEY TEA深明原材料安全的重要性,故此我們走訪世界各地,在保加利亞,日本及南韓的有機農場/生態友善農場,嚴選無污染材料去製作我們的養生茶包,希望為我們的顧客,送上一份安心。

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