One of the popular IG food blogger #hkfoodfoot (with over 12,000 followers on her IG) wrote reviews on our organic tea.

We are delighted that she is happy with our tea and introduces us to her followers. If you are interested in her reviews on us, please search us with #theheytea at IG or  click the following links: 

Rose & Wolfberry Tea:

Bitter Melon & Green Tea:

Angelica Root, Red Date & Wolfberry Tea:



 hkfoodfoot Rose
Green Tea Angelica Root

香港其中一名受歡迎的IG 美食博客 #hkfoodfoot (追踪者超過12,000) 最近試了我們的茶,還寫了食評推介呢!

我們很高興她喜歡我們的茶,而且還向她的追踪者推介。如果想知道她試過我們的茶之後有何感想,可以在IG上搜尋#theheytea 找出她的食評; 或者按以下連結也可呀!








 hkfoodfoot Rose
Green Tea Angelica Root