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Taitung (Taiwan East) is the primary farming area in Taiwan. Taitung is remotely located at the east coast of Taiwan. Traffic to Taitung from other areas is not easy due to the mountains.  The difficult access ironically makes the preservation of the natural environment possible. The farm produce of Taitung, as a result, is well known for its purity and free from pollution. 

Our team buys directly from the farmers of Taitung. All prices are set by the farmers and therefore we are following the fair trade practices. In the meantime, we bring the best products to our customers. 


我們團隊跟台東的農民直接購入用當地種植出來的農產品製造的各種產品,由農民自行定價,以達致公平貿易的原則; 亦把最好的產品帶給我們的客戶。