Our Vision 我們的理念

 Heywood Logo'We are Tea Lovers.'

We love tea for the fragrance, taste and health functions. We visited different organic farms around the world and purchased directly from the farmers for the ingredients in making our tea bags.

Bulgaria-Japan-South Korea-Taiwan
We source all our ingredients from the farms in Bulgaria, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. We have all our ingredients certified organic or the farming process strictly following organic farming or sustainable farming practices.

We then package our tea in Hong Kong. 

Inheriting Hong Kong’s tradition 
What makes us different is that we blend our tea based on the traditional Chinese herbal formula, and hence our tea is functionally stronger than the others.

Customers may pick the tea with the functions that fit their needs, and to maximize the health benefits they can get from a cup of tea. 

 Focus on sustainable development

We source our ingredients from the farms adopting sustainable farming practices, which minimizes the damages to the environment.

Our ingredients are credited with the following certifications:

√ EU Organic √ JAS Organic √ GAP√ Eco-Friendly (Pesticide Free)

Attention to Details, Strive for Perfection
We choose pyramid tea bags as the flavor and nutrition of our ingredients can be more efficiently released into water during the brewing process than conventional rectangular tea bags.

In addition, the pyramid tea bags allow the customers to see more clearly the ingredients inside, enhancing their confidence in our products.

Our pyramid tea bags individually wrapped in foil pouches to keep the ingredients inside at their best condition, shielding them from any moisture and heat in the air.

Heywood Tea「我們都是愛茶之士。」





市面上有不少有機茶包,Heywood Tea 獨特之處,在於我們根據中草藥配方調配,功能性較強。顧客可根據自己的體質,選擇適合的茶包種類,以達到保健養生之效。





√ 歐盟有機認證 √ 日本有機認證 √ 良好農業規範 √ 生態友善認證