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[Japanware] Changing Color Mug Cats 手製温感變色杯 貓

[Japanware] Changing Color Mug Cats 手製温感變色杯 貓

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Size: approx. 9.4 cm dia. x 8.4 cm H
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: porcelain

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary mug, but it has a trick! When the cup heats up, a pattern appears! If you fill it with a beverage that is over 45 degrees Celsius, a cute cat will come to the surface. And when it cools down, it returns to its black silhouette. This fun mug is sure to liven up your tea time! Each mug has a different kiln change that allows you to enjoy the expression of the glaze. Newbon: A glossy, soft milky white mug. A cat sits as if staring at something. Only the eyes are visible from the beginning. Candy glaze: The glaze is glossy like candy, and pools and flows of glaze can often be seen. This cat loves to chase. Playing with yarn balls is very smiling. Cool Gray: In the matte texture, pools and flows of glaze can be seen. The cat walks leisurely, making you wonder where it is going. How about enjoying a pleasant moment with an insta-worthy vessel? 

Product Handling *Wash before use. *Do not use a dishwasher. *Wash with a mild kitchen detergent and a soft material such as a sponge. *Do not use hard materials such as metal scrubbers or abrasives to clean. *Do not scrub too hard or the transfer may peel off. *Do not use in microwave ovens or ovens. *Do not expose to sunlight for long periods of time, as the dyes in the patterns are sensitive to ultraviolet rays. *Do not soak the product in water or lukewarm water for a long time. 


尺寸:約。直徑 9.4 厘米 x 8.4 厘米高

乍一看,看似普通的馬克杯,卻有絕招!當杯子加熱時,會出現圖案!如果你用超過 45 攝氏度的飲料裝滿它,一隻可愛的貓就會浮出水面。當它冷卻下來時,它會恢復到黑色輪廓。這款有趣的杯子一定會讓您的下午茶時間充滿活力!每個杯子都有不同的窯變,​​讓您可以享受釉料的表現力。Newbon:光滑、柔軟的乳白色杯子。一隻貓坐在那裡,好像在盯著什麼東西。從一開始只有眼睛是可見的。糖果釉:釉色如糖果,釉面常有積釉、流釉。這隻貓喜歡追逐。玩著毛線球,笑得很開心。冷灰色:在啞光質地中,可以看到釉的水池和流動。貓悠閒地走著,讓人想知道它要去哪裡。與一艘值得刷屏的船隻一起享受愉快的時光怎麼樣?


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