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Heywood Tea

Heywood Tea Gift Set 四色禮盒

Heywood Tea Gift Set 四色禮盒

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Four flavours in the gift set and one tea bag each flavour: Rose & Wolfberry Tea, Bitter Melon & Green Tea, Angelica Root & Red Date & Wolfberry Tea and Roselle & Red Date Tea. This set fits for people of different age and different body type. All tea bags are made in Hong Kong. Ingredients are from organic farms in Bulgaria, Japan, etc. They are all pesticide-free. There are two colours for the box: pink and light green. The box colour is given out randomly.

「四色小禮盒」是曦活茶為客人送禮而設的商品,共有四款口味的茶包,各一包。包括玫瑰杞子茶,苦瓜綠茶,當歸紅棗杞子茶及洛神花紅棗茶。適合不同年齡及體質。所有茶包都是香港製造,原料來自保加利亞,日本等有機農場。用料上乘,不含農藥 。顏色隨機發放。 

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