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Heywood Tea

Heywood Tea Honey & Strawberry 蜂蜜與草莓

Heywood Tea Honey & Strawberry 蜂蜜與草莓

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Organic & Raw Honey & Strawberry (no added sugar)

100% Bio Ingredients: Bio honey and bio freeze-dried strawberries

The texture of this honey is very much like jam and yet honey's natural sweetness makes it a perfect choice for kids' healthy snack. Recommended use as spread on bread, pancake or with yogurt and cereal. 

Honey moisturises skin and throat. It also assists bowel movement. 

Store in dry and cool place

Not suitable for infants under 1 year old 

Made in Bulgaria

Nutrition information: (Per 100g)

Energy 1412kJ/338kCal

Protein 0.5g

Total fat 0.2g

- Saturated fat 0g

- Trans fat 0g

Carbohydrate 84g

- Sugar 83g

 Sodium 0g



質感味道似草莓果醬, 適合搽麵包、PANCAKE 食用,有益健康輕食,而且適合小朋友食用。






能量 1412千焦/338千卡

蛋白質 0.5克

總脂肪 0.2克

飽和脂肪 0.1克

反式脂肪 0.1克

碳水化合物 84克

糖 83克

鈉 0克

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