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Taiwan Made Mullet Floss 梓官區烏魚鬆

Taiwan Made Mullet Floss 梓官區烏魚鬆

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★ Use fresh fish harvest by fishermen in Taiwan

★ Natural ingredients, no MSG

★ Fluffy texture, a perfect match to go with rice, noodle or bread. You can also take them as a snack

★ If you like floss but do not eat pork, fish floss id your choice

★ Net weight: 250 gram

★ Ingredients: Mullet, sugar, soy sauce, salt, palm oil, Vitamin E (anti-oxidant)

Allergen information: This product contains fish, soybeans, and wheat, which are not suitable for people with allergies.

*The plant of this product has equipment for processing fish, snails and shellfish, shrimp, crab, milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat products, cephalopods, sesame, nuts, celery

Nutrition information( per 100g ):

Calories: 498 kcal

Proteins: 30 g

Fat: 26 g

Saturated fat: 3 g

Trans fat: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 36 g

Sugar: 23 g

Sodium: 813 mg




★ 台灣漁夫鮮撈的烏魚,新鮮製作的烏魚鬆

★ 成份天然,無添加味精

★ 鬆化口感,適合拌飯拌麵包拌麵 ,亦可作日常小吃

★ 不吃豬肉但愛肉鬆人士的最佳小吃

★ 淨重:250公克

★ 成份: 烏魚、糖、醬油、鹽、棕櫚油、維生素E(抗氧化劑) 過敏原資訊:本產品含有魚、大豆、小麥,不適合其過敏體質者食用。



熱量:498 大卡

蛋白質:30 公克

脂肪:26 公克

飽和脂肪:3 公克

反式脂肪:0 公克

碳水化合物:36 公克

糖:23 公克

鈉:1200 毫克

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