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Heywood Tea x Master Cocktail | Fiery Passion 洛神花熱情果酒

Heywood Tea x Master Cocktail | Fiery Passion 洛神花熱情果酒

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由Master Cocktail 和Heywood Tea 2個本土品牌聯乘調配的新口味雞尾酒。微酸洛神花與熱情果汁完美融合於伏特加之中,清爽的氣泡激活味蕾,為你帶來無比暢快的體驗!這款雞尾酒尤其適合一年四季,喝一口既醒神,又開胃!

酒精度數: 8.4%



海鮮 咖哩, 紅蘿蔔蛋糕, 檸檬芝士蛋糕


“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

A cross over cocktail between two Hong Kong brands Master Cocktail & Heywood Tea. This brand new flavour offers a refreshing acidic sweetness from the roselle & passion fruits, dissolving perfectly into vodka. A cocktail for all occasions!. 

 Volume: 300ml

ACL.: 8.4%

Please store in cool places. After you open it, please consume it as soon as possible or put it in fridge.

【Food pairing】

◆Seafood, Curry, Carrot Cake, Lemon Cheese Cake

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