Taiwan made- Roselle Pastry 洛神酥

Net Weight: 380g±5%

Ingredients: Roselle jam, non GMO soy protein, olive & grape seed oil,  sunflower oil, sugar cane, sesame, pea powder, salt, vegetarian seasoning 

Storage:  Kept at cool places, away from sunlight.

Origin: Taiwan


★ Use roselle grown in Taiwan, natural without pesticides

★ Use non-GMO bean protein, and no preservatives

★ The roselle filling is soft with sweet and sour taste, together with the crunchy pastry outside. One mouthful is an unforgettable yummy experience!

★ Roselle is rich in anthocyanidin and flavonoids, providing anti-oxidant function

★ Use vegetable oil, suitable for vegetarian 

★ Pineapple pastry is a well-known dessert in Taiwan. Let us try this new dessert "Roselle pastry" in Taiwan! It will definitely surprise you on the upside.

Produced by:  Taitung Areas Farmers' Association




產地: 台灣


★ 用上台東種植的洛神花,天然無農藥

★ 採用非基因改造之大豆蛋白,亦無添加防腐劑

★ 內餡富含滿滿洛神果餡,酸甜共奏,外皮酥脆,內餡軟軟,口感一流

★ 洛神花含有豐富的花青素、黃酮素、具抗氧化功效

★ 使用植物油製作,適合素食者

★ 台灣鳳梨酥很好吃,大家也試試台灣新產品洛神酥吧!


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