[Japanware] Changing Color Glass Set Firework 手製冷感變色水杯套装 煙花

[Japanware] Changing Color Glass Set Firework 手製冷感變色水杯套装 煙花

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Size: φ72 mm x H137 mm, capacity: 360 cc
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Glass

The "Chilled Series" is a fusion of tradition and the latest technology to create a design that represents the four seasons in Japan. Pour a cold drink into this mysterious glass, fireworks of various colors will be shot off! The glass changes when the temperature drops below 17°C (63°F). When the glass reaches room temperature, it returns to its original state. Set of 2 glasses in a decorative box

Product Handling
*Do not use a dishwasher. *Wash with a mild kitchen detergent and a soft material such as a sponge. *Do not use hard materials such as metal scrubbers or abrasives to clean. *Do not scrub too hard or the transfer may peel off. *Do not use in microwave ovens or ovens. *Do not expose to sunlight for long periods of time, as the dyes in the patterns are sensitive to ultraviolet rays. *Do not soak the product in water or lukewarm water for a long time. 

尺寸:φ72 mm x H137 mm,容量:360 cc







“Chilled 系列”融合了傳統與最新技術,創造出代表日本四個季節的設計。將冷飲倒入這個神秘的玻璃杯中,各種顏色的煙花將被發射!當溫度降至 17°C (63°F) 以下時,玻璃會發生變化。當玻璃達到室溫時,它會恢復到原來的狀態。裝在裝飾盒中的 2 個玻璃杯


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