👍🏻Scented tea



Rose & Wolfberry Tea:

Rose: whitening, mind-calming and relieving depression, improving sleep quality.
Wolfberry: relieve eye fatigue, improve eyesight and protect eyes, and enhance immunity.

Once the bag is opened, there is already a nice and comfortable floral scent. It tastes fresh and the scent of berries and roses go well with each other surprisingly, producing a rich and fragrant taste. It is especially suitable for relaxing before going to bed. (You can add a few drops of honey so as to sublimate the taste.)

Bitter Melon & Green Tea:
This tea can clear away heat and detoxify, eliminate food stagnation and promote the production of body fluid, especially suitable for people who have eaten fried and greasy foods or have burning mouth syndrome. It has a fresh and bland taste, somewhat bitter but not resisting. After blowing, there were not too many tea crumbs!

The brand has a physical store at Eslite in Causeway bay, you can visit their store when you visit Causeway bay. The tea bags sold there are good choices of gifts!

There are a variety of flavours: Roselle and red dates, organic lavender, chrysanthemum and wolfberry, etc., (they are all selected from foreign organic farms with pollution-free pesticides used.)


On 3.7.2021




一開袋已經有一種好舒服嘅花香味噴鼻而來 ,飲落入口清新,杞子同玫瑰嘅氣味出奇地夾,味道芬芳濃郁,特別適合睡前享用。(自己加咗幾滴蜜糖,味道又昇華咗)