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Taiwan Concentrated Roselle Juice 洛神花汁

Taiwan Concentrated Roselle Juice 洛神花汁

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Net Weight: 250ml

Ingredients: Concentrated roselle juice, premium sugar, apple acid, salt, honey and preservatives

Storage:  Kept at cool places, away from sunlight.

Origin: Taiwan


★ Use roselle grown in Taiwan

★ Dilute with water by 6 to 8 times, add ice cube and you can drink it as juice

★ Use it as salad sauce, or blend it with sliced cucumber as appetiser, or served with scone/pancake

★ Net weight: 250ml

Produced by TaiTung Area Famers Association





產地: 台灣


★ 使用台東種植的洛神花製成 

★ 可稀釋6-8倍,加入冰塊作果汁飲用

★ 也可涼拌沙律、涼拌青木瓜絲或淋少許在烤鬆餅上

★ 淨重:250毫升 

台東地區農會 出品

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